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Ohms & voltages
Last Updated 2 years ago

Maximum output is 2V, 5V and 10V into 16/32/64 Ohm for Eco/Normal/Turbo mode, iDSD nano is 1.7V into 32 Ohm and 1.5V into 16 Ohm.

We have no data for the specific impedances the customer is asking about, but in general as long as the actual impedance is larger than that tested at, there will be at least the same voltage available as tested.If the actual impedance is between two points tested interpolate linear between the two. For example 50 ohm in turbo will fall between the 32 and 64 Ohm ratings and give around 8V, while 70 ohm is above 64 Ohm and will give around 10V max.

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