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Why is it best to keep battery around 80%?
Last Updated 2 years ago

It’s bad for lithium batteries to be at 100% all the time. It’s better if they do cycles of charging between 20% and 80%. And it’s better if you charge them to 60% and then disconnect them completely (you still need to do a charging cycle every few months). For a heavy desktop usage where you intend to have it plugged in forever we recommend something without battery.

Yes, which is why in "desktop mode" (always on) the iDSD micro only charges the battery to 80%, not 100%.

For Li-Po batteries there are two things that reduce lifespan, one is staying for a prolonged time at 100% charge, the other being discharged below the minimum discharge voltage.

Discharging excessively is prevented by multiple protection circuits and by limiting the charge state to around 80% when the unit is on, the user can choose to avoid excessive battery ageing, simply by leaving the unit plugged into an active USB port and leaving it permanently on.

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