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Metal oxide silencers, what do they do?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: Metal oxide silencers, what do they do?

Answer: The metal oxide silencers “de-tune” the Mercury or Gemini.

As every cable acts as an “antennae” then one would want to minimise this.

For example in some cities, with phono cables, we have vinyl customers who pickup radio stations on their phono stage.

Further question: So basically, one can have as many metal oxide ceramic RF noise silencers in the signal path as he wishes since they only help the sound by de-tuning each cable and not affect the signal in any way?

Answer: The effect of the filters on the signal is essentially nil. The reason, the signal is a twisted pair in a 100% shield. In order for the filters to impact the signal, they would first have to interact. What the filters deal with is the action of the shield and cable as antennae, to receive radio and other noise. They make the cable a very poor antennae that rejects radio frequency noise strongly.

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