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NOS 6922 - Rated at 300V, any higher will harm tube
Last Updated 2 years ago

The 6922 is rated for 220V Anode Voltage (absolute max):

The russian 6N23 which is often sold as "6922" is rated 300V Anode Voltage:

The 5670W (which our adapter re-pins for 6922 pinout) is rated for 300V Anode Voltage (absolute max):

Non of these tubes should be used with 400V Anode Voltage. It may work, but it severely exceeds the manufacturer's absolute limits.

The 5670 has a higher rated anode voltage than 6922 and matches 6N23. So in any equipment correctly designed to use 6922 Valves it will work fine.

In this case only use manufacturer supplied valves which have been tested to withstand these above absolute maximum rating conditions.

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