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Windows - DSD 48K rates
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: I use my iDSD micro on several computer platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I noticed that I'm not able to use any of these 48000hz DSD sampling rates:

  • 3072000 Hz
  • 6144000 Hz
  • 12288000 Hz
  • 24576000 Hz

But the corresponding 44100Hz rates are supported.

I'm using the 2.26 driver on Windows 7 Ultimate.

These sampling rates (except DSD512, which doesn't work under DoP) work using DoP on Mac, and natively on Linux. Is there a reason the Windows driver has been crippled to not provide the rates detailed above?

Answer: Officially DSD uses 44.1kHz based sample rates only.

The ASIO driver supplied by XMOS and used by iFi follows this convention and only supports 44.1kHz based DSD. We have raised 48kHz support as feature request, however, so far this has not been implemented.

If 48/96/192/384kHz PCM audio is to be used with conversion to DSD, please use either DoP (limited to 24.576MHz DSD / DSD256) or use software that converts to standard DSD frequencies if using ASIO.

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