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There is a gap during MQA playback?

Question: The firmware 5.3 has a problem which around one second lack of the sound from starting position, however, 5.3C seems to be no problem?

Answer: As 5.30 only digital signal processing processes MQA but not non-MQA audio, the hardware needs re-configuring. CD's normally have short silence between tracks which would still carry MQA markers. If ripped without those silences included before each track (ripper settings) then the hardware needs time to reconfigure after the track started playing. Streaming MQA files tend to include a short silence before track start.

5.3C switches between the GTO filter and MQA filtering but always applies digital signal processing, so the hardware is always configured for the same signal and there is no hardware imposed delay switching between MQA and non MQA audio.

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