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Tube rolling - What are the other replacements?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: I am looking at some different tubes for my iCan Pro and I would like to know if the iCan Pro uses AC or DC filament heaters?

Answer: It uses DC.

Also, filament current is designed for 5670 Standard, that is 0.35A @ 6.3V+/-10%. Do not use tubes of other rating.

Also 5670 has a very unique pinout (RETMA code 8CJ) that is not shared by other tubes, so only 5670/2C51/WE396A tubes that share the RETMA 8CJ pin out and are electrically equivalent can be used.

Any tube that is pin-compatible and electrically compatible with the 2C51/5670 will work.

WE396A are often co-marked 2C51 they will most certainly work.

Pin out in the iFi products are all for 5670, so no adapters needed.

Please note, tube rolling or opening the unit will void warranty.

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