Frequently Asked Questions

What codec's are supported for Bluetooth?

For Bluetooth, we support four sets of codec's for audio.

These are:

  • SBC - Standard for BT and lowest Quality.
  • AAC - This implemented primarily by Apple's devices. Both iTunes and Apple Music Streaming use AAC at the same data rate AAC via BT supports. Thus iTunes and Apple Music can directly stream content to the Bluetooth system without added losses.
  • AptX - This is implemented on most Android Phones using Qualcomm chipsets, Apple Laptops and many other Laptops from leading manufacturers and is the highest quality codec we support.
  • AptX Low Latency - This is the low latency version of aptX for gaming or TV watching.
As far as aptX HD, LDAC, LDHC are concerned, they cannot be supported on the current Bluetooth system used by iFi. So there is no possibility of a firmware upgrade.

Generally speaking, aptX offers very high quality as is, for CD standard and streaming audio. With AAC and aptX we cover the largest installed base of existing users.

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