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USB - Must unplug and reconnect to establish connection?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: With my USB device I must unplug and reconnect to establish a connection?

Answer: Is the USB device self-powered?

If so it could be because its powered externally and when booting up the computer or source there is a loss of connection with the iGalvanic which the iGalvanic detects the power line first. It normally starts with USB power being applied. If the DAC or USB device is powered externally and already powered before source/PC and iGalvanic are powered, the DAC or USB device may have already timed out the USB connection before everything else is working.

Try powering up the PC/source first then connect the iGalvanic to the computer, then connect USB to USB device then power up the self-powered device, so hopefully, the detection is made.

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