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Apps - Is there alternatives to Muzo?
Last Updated 2 years ago

For iDSD Pro, use a hardline network for playing High-Res, Wifi is not that reliable in this case.

The iDSD Pro supports UPNP/DLNA.

UPNP support means a wide range of apps can be used for server and control, including those provided by competing brands - which to mention a few.

AudioNet Remote Control Point:

Linn Open Source Apps:

Payware (including DSD) also exists.

dBPoweramp Asset UPNP:

This can transcode DSD to DoP and send onto iDSD Pro.

In terms of UPNP servers control surfaces there is an almost infinite profusion. People should just use what they are familiar with and like.

For Apple, use either the Mac/iOS versions (where available) of the above or just use Airplay.

We have confirmed playing 192k using Audionet RCP & Asset UPNP just fine.

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