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Missing earth/ground - Will the active noise cancellation & wireless purification still work?

Question: Even when two red LED's are on, does the function of ANC (active noise cancellation) and WP (wireless purification) correctly work? Or, even if it works, is it not always in the best condition?

Answer: The noise reduction system has two components, one that attenuates differential noise (between live and neutral) and one that attenuates common mode noise (between live/neutral & earth).

The differential noise reduction works under all conditions. Without an earth reference, the common mode noise reduction circuit has no reference and is thus inoperable.

Common mode noise is generally produced by all switched mode power supplies in varying degrees and is the largest problem. It may be possible to achieve substantial noise reduction by adding an earth-wire from the earth port on top of the AC iPurifier to the case of the largest noise producing device (usually the one with the highest power consumption).

A better choice is to add a true earth to the system, from earth rods driven directly into the soil (traditional houses) or to approximate one in concrete floored buildings with steel reinforced structures by placing a large metal plate (> 1m^2) on the floor (below tatami/carpet) directly on the concrete.

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