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32 bit integer - Is this supported?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: Is 32 bit integer supported?

Answer: USB audio itself supports up to 32 bit integer or floating point, however, floating point is generally not supported.

64 bit floating point audio is not supported by USB audio at all.

Conversion happens inside the computer.

However, actual music recordings are currently only available in up to 24 bit fixed width (integer) audio and no electronics or microphones exit that comes close to 24 bit equivalent signal/noise ratio or dynamic range, in fact, we know of no microphone/pre-amplifier system that even approaches 20-Bit performance at normal sound pressure level's from a jazz band or orchestra.

Also, these 24 bit music files should be left as this when playing back on computers, so any debate about 32 bit, 32 bit floating point or 64 bit anything and what happens to them is completely academic.

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