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Problems with Android?
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Short version:

1) USB audio is not guaranteed under Android.
2) Best audio quality needs a dedicated player app.
3) If no audio under Android, try USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP).

Long version:

Android is not a monolithic OS, like IOS, is better seen as a meccano box from which any OS maker (including phone makers and independent OS makers like Cyanogen) pick and choose the bits they want, replace some bits with their own creations etc.

Audio host mode is possible in Android since V4, but there is no requirement to implement it and any given manufacturer will make their own choice. So even though a phone is running Android > V4 USB audio host mode cannot be guaranteed.

There are also hardware implications, while Qualcomm based phones generally support host mode, some lower end chipsets (certain Rockchip, Mediatek etc.) do not.

As some majors (e.g. Sony) have started using these chipsets in lower end models, the old rule "major manufacturer phones generally support USB audio" no longer applies as generally as it did.

If audio host mode is supported and enabled in software then USB audio devices work without extra software.

However, the build in host mode is likely to perform sample rate rate conversion and is not bit perfect, so for best results a separate player app with USB and bit-perfect audio support is recommended.

If USB audio host mode is not baked into the software, but hardware supported the USB Audio Player Pro App (UAPP) will work.

There is a download/install for UAPP that allows testing compatibility of phone & audio device before paying:

Other players exist.

If your device is confirmed to be working then please see an example using the Samsung S8 as reference for enabling USB output:

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