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One of my USB devices doesn't work but another does?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: I used the iGalvanic 3.0 to one of my DAC's but it didn't work, instead I tried another DAC and this worked - Why is this?

Answer: We have found out that some USB DAC's do not comply to USB standards.

For example, there is one customer where it did not work with a special USB card, why? Because as they had it installed, it output 4.5v not 5v power on the USB bus, which is not to specification compliant (5v +/-5%), in this case operation cannot be guaranteed.

Equally, if one or both sides of the system float without earth connection it may be necessary to set the earth link switch correctly to ensure reliable (or any) connection.

The recommended sequence is:

1) Use known good cables or correct specification. Generally speaking, those included with iFi products and / or good grade generics will be correct, many audiophile cables are not correct in terms of specification.

2) Make all connections to iGalvanic 3.0 and set the earth link switch as required. Make sure that the port chosen on the source is a fully USB standard compliant port.

3) Make the connection to the source (PC, Mac etc.). Remember that USB negotiations and enabling/updating drivers etc. may take up 30 seconds + before a new device is operational after connection.

4) In most operating systems the attached DAC will show up as a new device, so it may be necessary to re-set the audio configuration of the machine, of playback software etc.

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