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Current - How much does it draw by itself?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: How much current does the iGalvanic 3.0 itself draw?

Answer: The amount of current consumed by the iGalvanic 3.0 depends on the signals being processed (speed) and current drawn downstream. Under normal conditions the excess current drawn by the iGalvanic 3.0 can be ignored (~ 100mA - 150mA).

Question: Without an iDefender/5v iPower, what is the maximum amount of current that iGalvanic 3.0 can provide to the downstream device?

Answer: The guaranteed maximum downstream current provision complies with the USB 3.0 standards, that is 5v DC @ +/-0.25v unloaded, with 900mA maximum current at > 4.5v DC.

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