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DoP DSD via SPDIF - Input / USB to SPDIF
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: Can iFi products accept a DoP (DSD over PCM) signal to the input of SPDIF?

Answer: The standard is that DoP can be used over SPDIF (only DSD64 though), however, current iFi products do not support DoP over SPDIF via input until we changed the behaviour. We had a number of requests to enable DoP via SPDIF. Originally DoP DSD would mute SPDIF, now we pass the signal through to SPDIF unaltered (this was in Firmware release 5.0 IIRC). However, as we do not have any DAC that can decode DoP from SPDIF (mainly because there almost non), we have not been able to test past the obvious basic tests of confirming a signal passes. This applies to all iFi products fitted with SPDIF outputs and capable of DSD operation.

Therefore it is possible to use iFi as a USB to SPDIF converter that will pass DoP DSD via SPDIF (DoP encoded). However, we do not convert DSD to PCM (or indeed any other format like HDCD, Dolby Digital, DTS). If you need DSD to PCM conversion for DAC's attached via SPDIF, please use the appropriate settings in your playback software.

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