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Is the USB output quieter than a the 9v iPower that powers it?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: I am interested in measurements of the 5v output of the iUSB3.0 - Is it cleaner than the 9v iPower that powers it?

Answer: Yes, it is cleaner than the iPower because:

  • The iUSB 3.0 nano and micro include double-conversion of the power (which actually makes them quite resilient to what power feeds them) and in actual layout, we implement distinct noise barriers between incoming power and signal section.
  • Each output is then fitted with additional passive LC noise filtering and the ANC (active noise cancellation) system to remove audio band noise.

The result is very low noise, even lower than the iPower itself. We have internally verified this performance previously using the Audio Precision 2 but the measurements at this level are 'challenging' to say the least and we must delineate for the time being, due to lack of this essential commodity.

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