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I added the iPurifier 3 with the original iUSBPower Micro, but why?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The iPurifier 3 was designed to work at the end of the chain but in the case of the iUSBPower Micro to replicate the performance of an iUSB3.0, then use it before the iUSBPower Micro, so from PC to iUSBPower Micro.

Thereafter, use the Gemini from iUSBPower Micro or single USB cable to whatever DAC you have.


  • The iUSBPower Micro is quieter than the iPurifier 3 in terms of ability to generate a brand new clean power supply.
  • The iPurifier 3 being asynchronous, addresses most if not all sound quality issues from the PC before it enters the iUSBPower Micro.

The iUSB3.0 is better than the original iUSBPower Micro but unless you wish to have the new extra ports, features etc, we recommend that you try the iPurifier 3 with your existing iUSBPower Micro.

The iUSB3.0 will be better, but the iUSBPower Micro is already so good that we cannot ask that you upgrade in the hope of a ‘night and day’ improvement.

Please see the following attachment.

Past that, where to place it? (additional)

  • In a nutshell, if the DAC is self-powered (eg AMR DP-777 SE), then place the iPurifier 2 after the iUSBPower Micro.
  • If the DAC is USB-powered, then place the iPurifier 3 before the iUSBPower Micro.

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