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USB active repeater chip - Extending the USB cable run
Last Updated 2 years ago

A standard 10 metre USB metre cable will not carry the audio signal properly (it will not work well) but by adding the iPurifier 3, it will actively repeat the signal and extend the run.

Therefore, by adding 2 x 5 metre USB cable lengths, then it is definitely possible to use the iPurifier 3 in the centre to extend the USB run.

So adding it to the middle and the chain will look like this: 5m USB cable -> iPurifier 3 -> 5m USB cable = 10m USB cable run


We have tested with up to 3 pieces of iPurifier 3 and 4 pieces of 5m USB Cables make a 20m USB cable run.

5M USB cable > iPurifier 3 > 5M USB cable > iPurifier 3 > 5M USB cable > iPurifier 3 > 5M USB cable = 20M USB cable run

The iPurifier 3 is a straightforward USB repeater/regenerator and USB power filter.

It is inserted in line. It can be added simply and effectively to any existing system and no additional products or purchases are required.

It may be used directly at a DAC input or can be used between multiple USB conform cables to extend the cable run, multiple units may be be used in series for long runs and at the DAC input, due to USB limits normally only 3 iPurifier 3 can be used in series.

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