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USB C - Will this work?
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Question: Does USB C work?

Answer: Yes and no, here's the gist:


We own an Samsung S8+ and we quickly found out how to use USB C with this device and the DAC's from iFi range:

1) USB C to USB micro - This is for owners who have micro USB cables and can adapt it to USB C on the fly to charge when out and about so 1x cable stays at come, adapter for micro when out and about.

2) USB C to female USB A - This is for extracting information from one phone to another (upgrade) so we tried this and it worked. So you need to use this (it's short and thick). Our family member of one of the iFi staff works with Samsung and informed us of it.

This adapter releases digital extraction whilst number #1 is for charging (wiring configuration is different) and to bridge from micro cables to USB C so there is more than one cable.

Past that we also purchased the following which works:


We've tested using an one year old Mi Mix and this is working fine but generally, for example, Xiaomi has been supporting OTG on USB-C on all their USB-C equipped phones (as far as we know).

However, it appears several USB-C equipped smartphones from major manufacturers omit OTG support (e.g. confirmed for Oneplus "Two").

This may be due to scheduling issues as the OTG mode for USB-C was still not finalised at the end of 2015.

More on how to test for OTG support and recommended cables here:

So if a phone or other device with USB-C does not work with an iFi DAC (meaning does not connect) the likely culprit is the phone and a non-standard compliant "early" USB-C implementation.

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