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Reclock, regenerate, rebalance all makes the difference!
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: Is the reclock function what really makes the difference with the iPurifier 3?

Answer: Reclock, regenerate, rebalance all clean up the signal and restore it to a near ideal signal (so "bits are bits").

The hub repeater chip is only the starting point for us.

So the reclock is only a part of the equation in the iPurifier 3.

The active noise cancellation and power conditioning clean up the power to the USB (if it draws USB power). Additionally, there is filtering of ground borne noise (but no IsoGround to deal with low frequency ground loops).

The original iPurifier 1 had elements of these but not all.

Hence, do audition the iPurifier 3 Vs. other USB improvement devices.

It is more expensive but exponentially, there is well of a lot more tech going on in there.

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