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USB - Is iDSD Micro's USB superior to the iLink Micro?

Question: What about the iDSD micro BL? Is its USB input as good as the iLink micro?

Answer: Our DAC's USB inputs use the same technology as the iLink micro. The actual SPDIF outputs (iDAC 2, iDSD nano, iDSD micro) are re-clocked just as in iLink micro, however, they are not isolated.

The key difference is that the iLink micro adds galvanic isolation on the outputs, as well as the high level output and JET which are optimised specifically for CS/AKM SPDIF input chips (arguably the most common SPDIF input chips).

In other words, the iDSD/iDAC SPDIF outputs work well, but are simply an addition for increased flexibility.

The iLink micro has been designed ground-up as pure SPDIF output device.

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