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Outputs - What is the difference and why?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Both iLink outputs are "super" - they do have differing levels.

Normal output: The normal output is around 0.75V P-P (so within the original SPDIF Standard).

High output: The output has a similar level as AES/EBU around 7V P-P. The high level output delivers more voltage which this gives better performance with SPDIF input chips optimised for professional applications (Cirrus Logic CS84XX series and AKM AK41XX series).

Tip: The added note would be that that AKM & Cirrus Logic receivers are designed explicitly for balanced AES-EBU connection with the high signal levels. As a result they do not work very well in SPDIF applications.

The transformer output of the iLink micro in effect places a balanced signal on an RCA connector so combined with a standard application note input circuit for the SPDIF application, the receiver effectively receives again a balanced signal with AES-EBU levels allowing the receiver optimum operation.

The SPDIF receiver on the CS42528 chip appears a derivative of the generic Cirrus Logic SPDIF chips and will likely work better with the high level output and with J.E.T enabled, but please try all options and select that which gives the best sonic results.

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