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J.E.T - Either stutters or does not work with my DAC?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Short answer: If J.E.T causes sound to stutter then it is clashing with de-jitter technology inside your DAC, in this case it is best to switch off.

Long answer: Not all DACs' input circuitry are compatible with J.E.T.

It is designed specifically for DACs with Cirrus Logic or AKM Receivers (any other traditional PLL Receivers should be the same).

It works by shifting the audio band jitter (where classic PLL based receivers cannot reject jitter) to a very high frequency (where classic PLL based receivers have large jitter rejection).

Others may or may not work.

If a DAC cannot lock on a signal with J.E.T - simply leave it off, as the DAC uses it's own strategies to reduce jitter that are incompatible with J.E.T. The very fact that DAC looses lock confirms that J.E.T works, just the DAC is not compatible.

We know some manufacturers products are not compatible, neither is any DAC that uses the ESS DAC chip's SPDIF input, as neither device uses a PLL but instead uses ASRC which is optimised to kill audio band jitter but cannot handle the kind of jitter spectrum J.E.T produces.

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