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Compatibility - Will it work with iFi devices?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: Will an iFi device work with my Apple device?

Answer: Yes, but it generally is down to the Apple device.

The minimum requirement is iPhone 4S and above to release the digital extraction. You then need to have the correct camera connection kit (see other FAQ) to hook the iFi device to the Apple device.

Question: What about iPod touch or class?

Answer: If it is an iTouch/iPod please note the specific models that are compatible, as not all are such as the iPod Classic. This is not able to release the digital extraction however iPod touch is as its basically an iPhone without the phone ability.

Tip: The iPod Classic officially is not able to extract the digital signal. However if you do a Google search you may find some non-official instructions for certain generations to extract the digital signal. Please understand this is unofficial and hence is risky and as such, we hope you understand that we are unable to offer any further technical advice.

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