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Battery - Charging not possible (battery circuit disconnect) but now it does after reconnecting?
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Question: The iDSD micro won't charge however after a few tries it did - why is this?

Answer: It is possible that there is an interaction between different protection systems.

As a better way to explain is as follows:

The battery incorporates protection circuitry. This circuitry will disconnect the battery on deep discharge or overcharge. Overcharge should not be possible using our charge controller. Deep discharge may be a possibility. However, the battery protection circuit normally will allow the battery to charge. In this case the charge controller operates in "Pre-charge" mode and charges the battery at a very low rate of charge.

In addition, there is a timer that will terminate "pre-charge" after nominally 30 minutes, so if the battery was very deeply discharged this may be insufficient to get the battery back up to normal condition. In addition there is a temperature sensor within the battery that will disallow charge at temperatures below 10 degree celsius and above 40 degrees celsius. All those limits of course are subject to tolerance, around 20% can be expected, up to 50% on the charge timer.

We have however repeatedly tested the recovery from deep discharge where the battery goes into protection mode and this has always worked fine.

Of course, it is possible that the charger IC has "crashed" and needs a re-set, this will only happen if USB power and battery are disconnected (no external reset).

In this particular case of a potential "bad battery" we suggest the following strategy:

1) Ensure environment is at normal room temperature, say 15 - 30 degrees and the iDSD micro had time to acclimatise (warm up/cool down).

2) Connect the USB Cable with the iDSD micro off.

3) If the blue "charging" indication does not come on, unplug and replug the USB connection after 15 min. If necessary do this a few times.

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