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2G / 3G - Interference when using as portable device?
Last Updated 2 years ago

It is possible that while on the train (or a form of transport) the phone steps back to 2G networks.

This can create EMI.

Generally the frequency is around 220Hz, so not a high pitched shriek, but rather a lower pitch yowl.

It is next to impossible to suppress 2G interference, you can also find this with other portable headphone amplifiers.

We can speak from experience having tested mainstream products such as the Sony PHA2 on 3G and 4G networks here there is usually no interference at all.

However, in Asia 2G is more prevalent and as a result EMI occurs quite commonly.

Modern phones generally have settings to make them lock to 3G (and/or 4G) networks only.

While this means no phone signal outside 3G coverage, it does make sure no EMI from 2G networks.

This avoids the need to use airplane mode, which is the alternative if in situations where 3G network coverage is bad.

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