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Burn-in: Is it a myth or for real?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Our own experiences with "burn-in" (that is a material parameter change in electronic components over the early hours of being operated in a circuit after being manufactured or inactive for a substantial time) caused us to investigate.

Here some samples of the literature we found:

  • Self, D. 'Self-Improvement for Capacitors', Linear Audio 1 (April 2011), p.158 ibid, p. 159

  • Zumbahlen, H. 'Passive Components - Resistors and Potentiometers', Linear Circuit Design Handbook 1st Edition (2007), p. 10.20 ibid, p. 10.21

  • Kemet, 'SHELF LIFE AND RE-AGEING', Electrolytic Capacitors (Catalogue 2009), p. 17

Others exist and the above list is neither complete nor exhaustive.

We hope this has provided some insight.

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