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Active noise cancellation, is it inside the iDAC 2?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: Does the iDAC 2 have active noise cancellation technology and does it detect noise on both data and power/GND signals? Are data and power/GND handled separately/differently?

Answer: You can say that the iDAC 2 was actually the first shipping product with active noise cancellation (ANC), it was generally developed for situations where we do not want to drop out any voltage but still want to reduce noise (USB powered DAC is an obvious one) and it was applied for that reason and as initial case in the iDAC 2.

It proved so excellent at the job, that we developed the ANC+ version for super low-noise applications.

The iDAC 2 actually has triple cascaded ANC, one directly at the USB input and another on the audio circuitry power supply with the third one at the DAC.

The clock by comparison has a super quiet regulator, as the clock runs on 3.3V, so we have voltage to spare for a conventional regulator, but our analogue stage and DAC both need > 4.8V for maximum performance and as USB is only 5V, any losses in DC voltage (such as from a traditional regulator) cannot be tolerated.

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