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1 second fade-in / miss on track - why is this?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: When I start music on a computer through the iDSD micro there is a very short fade in, it is a second (or under) and is only the first track.

Answer: The iDSD micro does not miss a full second. It does un-mute a little later than the immediate playback start. This delay is only if the iDSD micro is in standby because in standby mode the whole audio system including power supply is shut off, so it takes time to power things back up. Additionally, when changing sample rates, there is also mute applied, this can take an extra 0.1 seconds to un-mute, usually there is enough leading silence in audio tracks/albums that it is not noticeable.


1) You can bypass this with a few adjustments in your software such as in J-River simply set 'play silence for hardware sync' to 1 second. You can look through your software playback for similar options.

2) Try using our 'sleep disabled' firmware.

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