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MOV - Does it have an indicator?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Question: All MOV-based protectors intended for long-term use should have an indicator that the protective components have failed, and this indication must be checked on a regular basis to ensure that protection is still functioning. Its not there. How to know if it failed?


This is the source. This indication is not required for standard compliance, only for "Wikipedia compliance".

That said, the AC iPurifier is fused and in case of a failed MOV will disconnect from the mains and the indicators will be dark. Thus a "device failure" indication is implemented, that covers the MOV.

Further, the MOV protection in the AC iP (and in power strips etc.) is a secondary (supplementary) protection intended to improve the protection for sensitive and high value electronics. They are a "last ditch" protection in case of lightning strike or switching transients defeating the primary protection or passing some of the transient.

Primary means of surge protection are integrated into mains systems as matter of standards.

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