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Is DSD512 possible on Linux?
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Question; Is DSD512 possible on Linux?


DSD 512 only works on USB via ASIO not via other systems (Windows Audio Session / Core Audio / ALSA/PulseAudio).

Currently, there is no ASIO support on MAC - we supply an ASIO Driver that supports DSD512 for Windows. ASIO Support used to exist on Mac's but was dropped with the introduction of OSX.

We are largely unaware of the situation for Linux and equally unaware of any ASIO support available on Linux.

This lack of ASIO support is one of the reasons why most Pro Audio Solutions use Windows as OS, not Mac OSX or Linux.

As long ASIO 2.3 support is present in the Audio Driver and ASIO 2.3 support is present in the Playback Software DSD 512 should work, baring CPU Speed limitations. If 768k PCM Audio can be operated without problems DSD512 will work via ASIO.

In principle, an ASIO Driver can be made for Linux or Mac OSX and Playback Software on these platforms can be made to support ASIO.

Steinberg's ASIO Software Developers Kit can be downloaded here:

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