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How do I select modes on the xCan?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The xCan has 2 possible input modes, and 1 output mode:

Input modes: Wired / Wireless.
Output mode: Headphones.

To select the mode you want (input) hold down the centre rotary knob, then let go on the colour that corresponds to the input mode - it will cycle between blue / green for as long as your holding it down.

Green = Wired
Blue = Wireless

When in Blue (Bluetooth mode), you then need to pair it with your smart device (phone / tablet), all you do is push and hold in the 'gear/BT icon', until the centre rotary knob cycles to blue/red, once paired it will change to the 'volume level'.

To cycle between 3D / xBass just press the 'gear/BT icon'.

To power off the device just hold the centre rotary knob until it becomes white then let go.

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