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Why doesn't it fit?!
Last Updated 2 years ago

It is due to different variations and height difference, we shall address:


There are around 48 different DC barrel types therefore each one can not be provided so you may need to contact your devices manufacturer to confirm the specifications and purchase the correct adapter.

With 3 DC barrel fittings: 5.5x2.1mm (adapters for 5.5x2.5mm and 3.5x1.35mm incl) the one built into the DC iPurifier is the most common one and along the two sets of pigtails, covers the majority of devices.
Height different:

Laptops/routers/streamers vary in height - so physically, the DC iPurifier may/may not mechanically sit at the power port of the source. It maybe worth turning the unit on its side so the height is reduced since the distances from the side to the centre is shorter than height from bottom to centre by a few MM.

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