NEO --- iDSD


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I put it on a shelf in between books? I don’t have much space!  
  2. Can I turn its display off? I like listening to music in dark.  
  3. Can I use any external charger with it?  
  4. Can I use any headphones with it?  
  5. Can I use both analogue outputs at the same time?  
  6. Can I use IEMs with it?  
  7. Can I use two pairs of headphones at the same time?  
  8. Can it be powered from a computer’s USB socket?  
  9. Do I need to turn the product off if I want to set its analogue outs as variable/fixed?  
  10. Does it feature any USB improving technology by iFi audio?  
  11. How do I adjust its OLED display’s brightness?  
  12. How do I know that what I’m listening to is MQA?  
  13. How do I use mute?  
  14. I have another iFi product and need to change the firmware if I want to play DSD512 files. Is the NEO iDSD the same?  
  15. I see an oddly shaped USB input? Do I need anything specific for it?  
  16. I see two analogue output types. Which one should I use?  
  17. Its input selector button is also there for Bluetooth pairing. How do I engage this mode?  
  18. Its rotary knob would suggest an analogue potentiometer?  
  19. I’m not sure I’d position the device on its side. Won’t that make the screen hard to read?  
  20. I’ve read that Bluetooth is bad for music playback? Should I avoid it and use regular wired connections instead?  
  21. Should I have its antenna attached all time?  
  22. Should its antenna be attached during playback other than Bluetooth?  
  23. So, what is it exactly?  
  24. What’s that aluminum base that I’ve found in the package?  
  25. Which headphone out is better?  
  26. Why does it have only one knob?  

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