Pro --- iDSD


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Bit-perfect+ not present?  
  2. AirPlay is present for Apple, what about Android?  
  3. ALAC files via APP seem to play weird?  
  4. Any software to encode DSD files to DoP for USB hard drive?  
  5. App - Is MQA possible?  
  6. Apps - Is there alternatives to Muzo?  
  7. Bits - Are the first bits in a resistor ladder? No.  
  8. Can all outputs be used at the same time?  
  9. Can it be affected by noise on USB line?  
  10. CAT cables, are they compatible?  
  11. Clashes USB and Wi-Fi?  
  12. Clocks - Is an OCXO clock used?  
  13. Clocks - What ones are used?  
  14. Clocks - Which one to select?  
  15. Clocks - Will it accept square & sine wave?  
  16. Do the filters work with MQA stream?  
  17. External USB memory sticks  
  18. Fix output bypass analogue section?  
  19. FPGA - Upsampling to DSD requires a specific filter?  
  20. Galvanic isolation - Is it the same as in iGalvanic3.0 Nano?  
  21. Gapless not present on USB thumb drive / SD card?  
  22. Headphone - Does it have a headphone amplifier?  
  23. I replaced the tubes but they don't seem to be working?  
  24. In solid state mode, are the tubes in unity gain?  
  25. Is 5 GHz supported?  
  26. Is the iPower Plus grounded?  
  27. MQA - Do the other filters and upsampling be applied?  
  28. MQA - Showing OFS instead of MQB?  
  29. Network/Security protocol is supported?  
  30. Possible to check build number?  
  31. Possible to disconnect Wi-Fi and swap to Ethernet?  
  32. Programmable remote - Is it possible to use an external remote?  
  33. RJ-45 - What is this?  
  34. UPNP/DLNA - recheck  
  35. Upsampling/Upconversion - Are they the same?  
  36. USB drive input, please shed some light?  
  37. What is the difference between Pro and Hi-Fi? (Output mode)  
  38. What is the output impedance of the headphone outs?  
  39. What is the total harmonic distortion?  
  40. What Ohm is the BNC connectors?  
  41. What Ohms can it drive?  
  42. Wi-Fi drop outs?  
  43. XMOS processor  

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