Retro --- Stereo 50


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All format LED's remain lit?  
  2. Bluetooth is not working / pairing?  
  3. Burn-in: Is it a myth or for real?  
  4. Earth / ground pin is missing from my machine?  
  5. Electrical safety - What has the Retro undergone?  
  6. Fuse - What value and what is installed?  
  7. Headphone - Ohm output?  
  8. Headphones - OK to use without speakers connected to it?  
  9. How to install tubes? - Previous version bamboo chassis  
  10. I hear audio with inputs but not connected to the outputs?  
  11. Is it to use the Stereo 50 with a sub-woofer?  
  12. Is the power section transformer coupled or OTL?  
  13. Is the power supply regulated?  
  14. Is the Stereo 50's tube circuit bias?  
  15. My country has low voltage, will this affect the Stereo 50?  
  16. Possible to use the Stereo 50 with magnepan's?  
  17. Possible to use with a sub-woofer?  
  18. Speakers - What is recommended?  
  19. Stereo 50 / LS 3.5 - Sub-woofer and XBass  
  20. System protection - Faulty tube resets the unit  
  21. System protection - How do you tell its a faulty tube?  
  22. Tube - Any sonically difference replacing them?  
  23. Tube - EL84X, what does the X stand for?  
  24. Tube - How can it output 25W per channel?  
  25. Tube - How do I install them?  
  26. Tube - I see red LED next to it?  
  27. Tube - Jumper, tube rolling - Must pay attention!  
  28. Tube - Using an alternative EL84?  
  29. Tube - What is the life expectancy?  
  30. Tube - Where do they come from?  
  31. Tubes - What does the colour dot mean underneath?  
  32. USB or Optical/SPDIF as input?  
  33. Using headphone outputs to drive speakers?  
  34. What about mainstream bookshelf speakers?  
  35. What are the loading of the phono stage?  
  36. What digital filter is used?  
  37. What is the output impedance of the amplifier?  

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