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  1. 'Audiophile grade' USB cables don't seem to work?
  2. (Both devices) - 3.5mm or RCA, what is best?
  3. (Both devices) - Burn-in period, how long do iFi suggest?
  4. (Both devices) - Experiencing a hum? Please read these safety standards
  5. (Both devices) - Increasing the gain, does this increase voltage output?
  6. (iPhono 1) - How do I set this up?
  7. (iPhono 2) - How do I set this up?
  8. (SE) --- 15v upwards, can I connect higher power supply?
  9. (SE) --- 4 watts, is that per channel or a combination?
  10. (SE) --- Can I use a battery pack to power this?
  11. (SE) --- Operating in Class A at all times?
  12. (SE) --- Power consumption over 1 year
  13. (SE) --- Power ratings for 40, 60, 100, 240, 300 and 600 ohms?
  14. (SE) --- Receiving radio signals?
  15. (SE) --- What input sensitivity is required?
  16. (SE) --- Whats the difference between SE and standard iCan Micro?
  17. 1 second fade-in / miss on track - why is this?
  18. 100pF for MM, does it apply to MC?
  19. 15v - Max and continuous rating?
  20. 192kHz files are not playing?
  21. 24v+ DC power-supply, will it work?
  22. 2G / 3G - Interference when using as portable device?
  23. 32 bit integer - Is this supported?
  24. 3D - Isn't it just a cross-feed?
  25. 3D / XBass, automatic switching?
  26. 5v - Will it work with Stax?
  27. 5v charging, how flexible is it?
  28. 5v iPower - Drops in voltage with Raspberry Pi?
  29. 5v iPower - Ripple/noise figures
  30. 6.3mm to 4-pin XLR - Can this be used from an unbalanced amplifier?
  31. 70% minimum impedance value & 5.6 ohm value (detailed)
  32. Active noise cancellation, is it inside the iDAC 2?
  33. Adapters - Please explain
  34. AirPlay is present for Apple, what about Android?
  35. All format LED's remain lit?
  36. All seems correct but its not working?
  37. All the LED's light up when charging?
  38. Amperage consumption at 12v (car)
  39. Android - Is there a standard for USB audio?
  40. Any limitations if not able to access the driver for Windows? (built in Windows)
  41. Any optimal settings for sound properties?
  42. Any software to encode DSD files to DoP for USB hard drive?
  43. App - Is MQA possible?
  44. Apps - Is there alternatives to Muzo?
  45. Are the XBass ll and 3D all DSP or ASP?
  46. Audio clips on specific tracks?
  47. Audio stream - Will any format work?
  48. Audirvana - How DSD is streamed
  49. Audirvana - Native DSD
  50. Balanced wiring - Any problems arise with use of AC iPurifier?
  51. Bandwidth, active noise cancellation handles this
  52. Battery - Charging not possible (battery circuit disconnect) but now it does after reconnecting?
  53. Battery - How does it work?
  54. Battery - How long will it last before expiring?
  55. Battery - How the battery works
  56. Battery - If its flat can it still be used with a portable source?
  57. Battery - In battery mode does the iDSD Micro charge?
  58. Battery - Information on battery & charging (short & detailed)
  59. Battery - It doesn't last 10 hours?
  60. Battery - Not charging, how to jump start and additional information (short & detailed)
  61. Battery - Sleeping Li-On batteries
  62. Battery / USB power - How to select?
  63. BC1.2 compliant
  64. Beneficial to add dual SPDIF iPurifiers together?
  65. Bi-directional, will it work in both ways?
  66. Bit-perfect problems but other filters OK?
  67. Bit-perfect+ not present?
  68. Bits - Are the first bits in a resistor ladder? No.
  69. Black Label - So what are the upgrades?
  70. Black Label - What is the XBass like compared to iCan Micro SE?
  71. Block diagram - How does the iDSD Micro work?
  72. Blue LED stays on but USB current drops?
  73. Bluetooth is not working / pairing?
  74. Bluetooth latency
  75. Bluetooth pairing on Apple devices not always the best?
  76. Bluetooth remains connected (blue) but not pairing?
  77. Buffer, what does it mean?
  78. Burn-in - How long do you recommend?
  79. Burn-in - Is it really a myth or the real deal?
  80. Burn-in: Is it a myth or for real?
  81. Cable - Why poor quality is not recommended?
  82. Calculating multiple resistor combinations?
  83. Can all outputs be used at the same time?
  84. Can I charge and play at the same time?
  85. Can I invert the polarity?
  86. Can I use 2 headphones at the same time?
  87. Can I use headphones & RCA at same time?
  88. Can I use long RCA cables or will cause problems?
  89. Can I use the OTG C with a Mac USB C port?
  90. Can I use this device to split and feed to devices?
  91. Can it be affected by noise on USB line?
  92. Can it be plugged into pure sine wave output or same wall outlet as UPS?
  93. Can it detect its input power supply?
  94. Can it detect what is plugged into it?
  95. Can it drive external transformers volume controls (TVCs)?
  96. Can the iDSD micro do more than 2 channel?
  97. Can the iDSD run indefinitely without needing to charge?
  98. Can the iPower create a groundloop?
  99. Can the SPDIF iPurifier be fed with higher voltage?
  100. Car - Can I use this?
  101. Cartridge - What are the basics?
  102. CAT cables, are they compatible?
  103. Centre Positive & Inverter
  104. Charging - How to 'jump start'
  105. Charging - I'm encountering some problems from power supply or USB port?
  106. Charging - Is quick-charge enabled?
  107. Charging - Possible to charge an iDSD micro or another device?
  108. Charging - Smartpower (side USB port) does not charge my smart device?
  109. Charging - USB BC1.2
  110. Charging - What is the rate and draw of the battery?
  111. Charging - What LED's refer too and faster way to charge
  112. Charging - What mode charges the battery?
  113. Charging compliance
  114. Clashes USB and Wi-Fi?
  115. Clocks - Is an OCXO clock used?
  116. Clocks - What ones are used?
  117. Clocks - Which one to select?
  118. Clocks - Will it accept square & sine wave?
  119. Compatibility - Will it work with iFi devices?
  120. Compatibility - Will it work with iFi?
  121. Compatibility problems with USB?
  122. Compatible with iPhone / Android devices?
  123. Compliant with safety standards?
  124. Connectivity
  125. Consumption rate
  126. Crosstalk - I hear this?
  127. Crosstalk?
  128. Current - Drawing more than normal?
  129. Current - How much does it draw by itself?
  130. Current delivery, is there any loss?
  131. D.A.P - Astell & Kern
  132. DAC's without digital filter switch, what do they use?
  133. DAP - Sony
  134. DC iPurifier, shall I use it with the iCan Pro?
  135. DC loop out - what does it do?
  136. DC offset on RCA?
  137. Difference between "output stage output impedance" and "corrected output impedance"?
  138. Digital equipment - Will this help against other none audio devices?
  139. Digital volume - Should I set it to 100% or use it?
  140. Disabled volume?
  141. Do balanced connections contain ground/earth?
  142. Do iFi optical/Toslink units handle 192kHz?
  143. Do the filters work with MQA stream?
  144. Do the inputs and outputs work at all times?
  145. Does a Renderer / Decoder yield same end result?
  146. Does changing the state change the output impedance?
  147. Does engaging the headphones mute RCA out?
  148. Does it affect signal levels?
  149. Does it clean both ways?
  150. Does it contain over-current and over-voltage protection?
  151. Does it handle all audio formats?
  152. Does it handle all types of audio formats?
  153. Does it have a sleep mode or cut off if no signal is present?
  154. Does it have AVRCP?
  155. Does it isolation or suppress?
  156. Does it run Class A?
  157. Does it sound better if in different polarity states?
  158. Does it support aptX HD?
  159. Does it work with a Chromebook?
  160. Does Solid State circuitry use Tube-state circuitry design?
  161. Does the capacitance selector work for MM?
  162. Does the iDSD micro deploy your tube-state amplifier circuitry?
  163. Does the iSilencer draw power?
  164. Does the SPDIF iPurifier have same technology as the iPurifier?
  165. Does this device invert polarity?
  166. Doesn't recognised USB device after restarting?
  167. DoP DSD via SPDIF - Input / USB to SPDIF
  168. DoP versus Asio native - what are the differences/similarities?
  169. Driver says virus is found?
  170. DSD - DSD512 how is it sent?
  171. DSD - Why is there a limit?
  172. DSD files, send as DoP only why is this?
  173. DSD filtering? (With filter switches iFi products)
  174. DSD512 - How is it transmitted?
  175. Dual phrase - Will this work?
  176. Earth / ground pin is missing from my machine?
  177. Earth/ground - Is it needed to perform active noise cancellation?
  178. Earth/ground - Why is it required?
  179. Earth/ground - Will I need to implement one in a battery powered system?
  180. Earth/Polarity - How to tell polarity if no earth is present in the country?
  181. Efficiency - What is the efficiency of the iPower?
  182. Electric shocks when touching unit?
  183. Electrical safety - What has the Retro undergone?
  184. External USB memory sticks
  185. Feels like electricity on the outer chassis, why is this?
  186. Filters - Possible to shed more light?
  187. Fix output bypass analogue section?
  188. FPGA - Upsampling to DSD requires a specific filter?
  189. Frequency response for all iFi DSD DAC's
  190. Fuse - What value and what is installed?
  191. Gain - When does this become handy?
  192. Galvanic isolation - Is it the same as in iGalvanic3.0 Nano?
  193. Galvanic isolation with an iPower?
  194. Galvanic isolation, how is this done and can it be removed?
  195. Gapless not present on USB thumb drive / SD card?
  196. Gemini - How does it work?
  197. Gemini - Internal pins, how are they wired?
  198. Got Squeezebox Touch? Here is an adapter
  199. Green LED then turns red / amber during transition?
  200. Ground loop - Is that multiple grounds are in the circuit?
  201. Ground-link - It works in either up or down mode but not center?
  202. Ground/earth - Will it implement a quasi-ground?
  203. Grounding - Class 1 and Class 2
  204. Grounding - Class 2 and Class 3 devices
  205. Grounding - Turntable 'soft ground to chassis' & 'audio ground' via other equipment
  206. Having problem with my Apple Airport Express?
  207. HDMI - Can I use my own cable?
  208. Headphone - Does it have a headphone amplifier?
  209. Headphone - Ohm output?
  210. Headphone - One channel seems down?
  211. Headphone power compared to iDSD micro BL in Eco/Normal/Turbo mode
  212. Headphones - OK to use without speakers connected to it?
  213. How can I find out a specific part used in an iFi device?
  214. How come it doesn't ship with all countries plugs?
  215. How come on digital Bluetooth sounds louder than analogue
  216. How do I know it will work with my device?
  217. How do I select modes?
  218. How do I set up Bluetooth?
  219. How do I use the DC spade?
  220. How does IsoGround lower extra noise?
  221. How does it break ground?
  222. How is it possible to have low amperage input whilst higher amperage via USB output?
  223. How is the GE5670 compatible with the 6922?
  224. How long does battery last on Bluetooth?
  225. How long for burn-in period?
  226. How long is the cord?
  227. How many iFi products can this stack?
  228. How many sockets does the PowerStation have?
  229. How many versions are there of the iDefender+?
  230. How many versions are there of the iSilencer+?
  231. How much current is supplied if no external power?
  232. How much mA does the DC iPurifier draw?
  233. How much power does this draw?
  234. How OTG cables work
  235. How to burn in?
  236. How to distinguish between the 2 types of connectors? EAN?
  237. How to install tubes? - Previous version bamboo chassis
  238. How to select AAC on Apple?
  239. Humming with iPhono? Please watch our video's.
  240. I added the iPurifier 3 with the original iUSBPower Micro, but why?
  241. I didn't receive a power supply
  242. I have the Gemini / Mercury cable, how do I hook it up to the iDSD micro?
  243. I hear audio with inputs but not connected to the outputs?
  244. I hear distortion?
  245. I hear ticks and clicks using Audirvana?
  246. I hear volume increased, is that possible?
  247. I replaced the tubes but they don't seem to be working?
  248. I'm a musician, how will the iPower help me?
  249. I'm experiencing clicks when I turn the volume?
  250. iCan (SE & Pro) - Anything in common with parts used?
  251. iDSD micro drains my smart devices battery when paired?
  252. Impedance - iEMatch
  253. Impedance - Pre-amp & direct mode
  254. Impedance adjuster?
  255. Impedance matching circuits
  256. Impedance settings, not an impedance adapter!
  257. In solid state mode, are the tubes in unity gain?
  258. Increasing digital volume to recover bits
  259. Input / output voltages in different modes
  260. Input impedance - Balanced & Single-ended
  261. Interference whilst using smart device?
  262. Inverter - How to set it up
  263. iPad outputs fixed sampling rate?
  264. iPurifier 3 & iUSBPower Micro same as the iUSB3.0?
  265. Is 5 GHz supported?
  266. Is charging 24 hours required after purchasing?
  267. Is DC present on the outputs?
  268. Is DoP possible over SPDIF with iFi products?
  269. Is iFi planning on an LDR?
  270. Is is possible to hook up an l2S digital device?
  271. Is it OK to leave it powered 24/7?
  272. Is it OK to leave on 24/7?
  273. Is it OK to remain on 24/7?
  274. Is it possible to charge & play at the same time?
  275. Is it possible to charge the iDSD micro but have SPDIF input (no USB) only?
  276. Is it possible to connect a reel to reel?
  277. Is it possible to drive speakers from the iDSD Micro?
  278. Is it possible to handle DTS to SPDIF?
  279. Is it possible to hook it up a non-powered USB port?
  280. Is it possible to hook up a Bluetooth receiver?
  281. Is it possible to input multi-DSD channels?
  282. Is it possible to leave it on 24/7?
  283. Is it possible to power two headphones independently?
  284. Is it possible to remain always on even when not in use?
  285. Is it possible to set 100k?
  286. Is it possible to set 40 Ohm?
  287. Is it possible to use a linear power supply?
  288. Is it possible to use iFi S-Balanced outputs into 3.5mm S.E input of the xCan?
  289. Is it possible to use the iDSD nano with a headphone splitter?
  290. Is it possible to use this as an USB to SPDIF converter?
  291. Is it possible to use this in a car, in other words will it take 12v?
  292. Is it possible to use this with an A/V receiver?
  293. Is it recommended to leave it on all the time?
  294. Is it worth hooking the SPDIF iPurifier to the iDSD Micro?
  295. Is it worth using it as a pure desktop DAC?
  296. Is re-clocking the same as USB signal integrity regeneration?
  297. Is the iDSD Micro a Class A amplifier?
  298. Is the iEMatch built into the xCan?
  299. Is the iPower hard to destroy / kill?
  300. Is the iPower Plus grounded?
  301. Is the iPower RoHS certified?
  302. Is the iPurifier 3 USB 1.0 compatible?
  303. Is the output (USB power) quieter than the power input (iPower)?
  304. Is the power supply regulated?
  305. Is the signal going through the DAC chip or a low pass filter?
  306. Is the Stereo 50's tube circuit bias?
  307. Is the USB output quieter than a the 9v iPower that powers it?
  308. Is there a max impedance?
  309. Is there an optimal settings for headphones?
  310. Is this product stable?
  311. iSilencer - Usable on the Smart power Input?
  312. iTube - Is it possible to 'loop' an iTube into an iDSD's 3.5mm from its RCA output?
  313. J.E.T - Either stutters or does not work with my DAC?
  314. Latency of the iPurifier 3
  315. LDAC - Why is this crashing for me?
  316. LED - Colour is green but says orange?
  317. LED - Flashing blue
  318. LED - It doesn't display the correct sampling rate?
  319. LED - Red / green whilst playing
  320. Linux - OS, do we support it?
  321. Load - What setting shall I use?
  322. Mac firmware update on Catalna
  323. Mains noise analyser shows noise has increased?
  324. Measurements - It was measured but seems to be introducing noise?
  325. Metal oxide silencers, what do they do?
  326. Missing earth/ground - Will the active noise cancellation still work?
  327. MM/MC doesn't play but MC/MM does?
  328. MP3 to DSD Conversion - JRMC & Foobar2K
  329. MQA - Do the other filters and upsampling be applied?
  330. MQA - Showing OFS instead of MQB?
  331. MQA - When playing MQA volume jumps but non-MQA is OK?
  332. MQA and Gapless playback?
  333. My country has low voltage, will this affect the Stereo 50?
  334. My DAC has option to reduce jitter, what is better the DAC or iUSB3.0?
  335. My DAC is asynchronous, what does the re-clocking?
  336. My DAC is self powered but will the iUSB3.0 still be beneficial?
  337. My DAC is self powered but will the iUSB3.0 still help?
  338. My TV has crisper visuals?!
  339. My unit gets hot/warm?
  340. My unit gets warm, is that OK?
  341. My unit gets warm/hot?
  342. My unit shut down (logo turns red) - why is this?
  343. My unit stops outputting audio, is it possible to reset?
  344. My unit trips up due to high settings?
  345. Native DSD on JRMC 19/20 (ASIO)
  346. Need to test DSD256 ? Here are free 3 tracks from Japan
  347. Network/Security protocol is supported?
  348. No detection? Please check.
  349. No function - Accessory is not supported?
  350. Noise band, any reason why past it?
  351. Noise is being produced by the iPower? (Y-Capacitor)
  352. Noise is present without any audio?
  353. Noise is present without any input?
  354. Noise whilst charging and playing?
  355. NOS 6922 - Rated at 300V, any higher will harm tube
  356. Not enough current problems occuring?
  357. Ohms & voltages
  358. Ohms - With/without iEMatch engaged
  359. On/off switch - Why is there none on some iFi devices and some with?
  360. One channel is down / not working?
  361. One frequency response fits all?
  362. One of my USB devices doesn't work but another does?
  363. Optical signal drops?
  364. OTG - Can they be used like normal USB cables?
  365. Output impedance - Balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs
  366. Output impedance - Balanced ouput (pre-amplifier)?
  367. Output impedance?
  368. Output voltage via 4-pin XLR?
  369. Outputs - Will I cause damage if I use the incorrect output (coaxial)?
  370. Outputs - What is the difference and why?
  371. Own power hungry headphones? Please read this.
  372. Passive speakers, is it possible to drive them from the unit?
  373. Phasing - Red LED displayed
  374. Playing vinyl makes the unit shut down?
  375. Polarity - Does the iPhono invert it?
  376. Polarity - LED is always lit?
  377. Polarity - Which way to insert?
  378. Polarity changes colour from time to time?
  379. Pop - Present on DSD transition?
  380. Pop - Present when switching on/off/awake from sleep on the iDSD micro?
  381. Possible to check build number?
  382. Possible to disconnect Wi-Fi and swap to Ethernet?
  383. Possible to recommend better adapter? - Custom adapter or iPurifier 3 type A
  384. Power input options
  385. Power supply - Can I use another power supply with iFi equipment (not dependant on bridge rectifiers)
  386. Pre-amp - Can this be used as one?
  387. Pre-amplfier - No sound if switching from Tube to Tube+ mode
  388. Prevents 'Ethernet over powerline' devices from working?
  389. Problems with Android?
  390. Programmable remote - Is it possible to use an external remote?
  391. Protection against storms?
  392. Raspberry Pi - Use iPower or a battery?
  393. Raspberry Pi or Micro-computer, can I use iPower?
  394. Raspberry Pi screen displays insufficient power?
  395. RCA / 3.5mm - What are the OHM specs?
  396. RCA and 3.5mm outputs (fixed/variable)
  397. Reclock, regenerate, rebalance all makes the difference!
  398. Recommended output of headphone amplifier into ESL?
  399. Recommended output of speaker amplifier into ESL?
  400. Red LED during transition from Solid-state to Tube-state
  401. Relife! Uncompress your compressed audio tracks
  402. Remote control - Can I use any remote?
  403. Remote control - Handles the volume level on RCAs/XLRs?
  404. Remote control - What battery is inside it?
  405. Resetting the power?
  406. RIAA - Can this be disabled?
  407. RIAA - Rumble filter?
  408. Ripple, will this prevent or decrease?
  409. RJ-45 - What is this?
  410. Sampling rate is capped at 192Khz?
  411. Shall I use one input per time?
  412. Should quality cables be used?
  413. Single-ended input but balanced output?
  414. Sleep mode - If left on sleep overnight (10 hours) how much battery is consumed?
  415. Sleep mode - Is there any danger if it drifts multiple times through the day?
  416. Sleep mode - When does it activate?
  417. SMPS or linear power supply unit to power itself?
  418. So, how do I test for missing / multiple earth/ground?
  419. SPDIF - Can it handle DTS/Dolby digital via SPDIF out?
  420. SPDIF - Is this re-clocked like the SPDIF iPurifier?
  421. SPDIF - Shed more information? (Original)
  422. SPDIF iPurifier - Is it worth pairing with iLink micro?
  423. SPDIF out - What performs better, the iDSD micro or iLink micro?
  424. Speakers - What is recommended?
  425. Specifications aren't the same for 5670 and 6922 vacuum tubes?
  426. Specifications changed, which one is correct?
  427. Specifications of 5v iPower?
  428. Sub-woofer - Can this be used with Y splitter?
  429. Sub-woofer - Is it possible to use on with this?
  430. Sub-woofer, can I use one with it?
  431. Surge - What is the basis?
  432. Surge Protection - Is this working even without an earth?
  433. System protection - Faulty tube resets the unit
  434. System protection - How do you tell its a faulty tube?
  435. The higher the Bluetooth version, the better the performance, right?
  436. The manual says USB or battery power, but it only uses battery power?
  437. The unit goes into sleep mode?
  438. Thunderbolt - Is audio handled differently through this?
  439. Thunderbolt - Is there a device similar to iPurifier for Thunderbolt?
  440. Thunderbolt - Is this possible?
  441. TIDAL & Pass-through, what does it mean?
  442. TIDAL MQA Decoder instructions (iDSD Pro)
  443. Tube - Any sonically difference replacing them?
  444. Tube - Can I re-roll the tube, OK to do this?
  445. Tube - EL84X, what does the X stand for?
  446. Tube - How can it output 25W per channel?
  447. Tube - How do I install them?
  448. Tube - I see red LED next to it?
  449. Tube - Jumper, tube rolling - Must pay attention!
  450. Tube - Using an alternative EL84?
  451. Tube - What is the life expectancy?
  452. Tube - Where do they come from?
  453. Tube - Will the Brightness differ?
  454. Tube background information: 2C51 (GE5670 family)
  455. Tube rolling - What are the other replacements?
  456. Tube-State technology inside iFi
  457. Tubes - What does the colour dot mean underneath?
  458. Two-channel push-pull configuration out of just one 5670?
  459. Type C and Micro iPurifier 2's
  460. Un / Re locking - Does the SPDIF iPurifier keep the locked connection?
  461. Unit doesn't seem to charge?
  462. Unit gets hot?
  463. Unit is off if the rotary knob is pressed too long?
  464. Unit runs hot then shuts down?
  465. Unplugging & reconnecting USB for established connection?
  466. Upgrading the iPower Plus of the Pro devices?
  467. UPNP/DLNA - recheck
  468. Upsampling/Upconversion - Are they the same?
  469. USB & SPDIF volume is different?
  470. USB - Is iDSD Micro's USB superior to the iLink Micro?
  471. USB - Must unplug and reconnect to establish connection?
  472. USB active repeater chip - Extending the USB cable run
  473. USB Audio Class 2.0
  474. USB C - How can I use iFi products with this?
  475. USB C - Will this work?
  476. USB cable - Does the signal degrade?
  477. USB device shows up as USB 2.0?
  478. USB drive input, please shed some light?
  479. USB hub chip
  480. USB powered DAC still powered without external power?
  481. USB transfer devices --- Can this work with them?
  482. Use iEMatch with iEM's with 12 ohms or lower?
  483. Using an international power strip but EU AC iPurifiers ground not working?
  484. Using balance control prior to affects 3D?
  485. Using iPower with radio?
  486. Using SPDIF iPurifier with other SPDIF re-clockers
  487. Using the headphone & pre-amplifier at the same time?
  488. Virtual machines - Are they supported?
  489. Voltage - Line in
  490. Voltage - RCA output
  491. Voltage output - RCAs
  492. Volume - Is it balanced?
  493. Volume - Is this different to the original iDSD Nano?
  494. Volume - What is max gain?
  495. Volume - Why use Blue Alps instead of switching resistors?
  496. Volume control - Channel imbalance? (short & detailed)
  497. VRMS or Peak-Peak?
  498. Warm-up - How long does it take?
  499. What about mainstream bookshelf speakers?
  500. What are the USB output specifications?
  501. What buffer size is recommended?
  502. What codec's are supported for Bluetooth?
  503. What digital filter is used?
  504. What does the LED's mean?
  505. What fuse is used?
  506. What is best - USB or Optical?
  507. What is best setting to use?
  508. What is different between buffer & pre-amplifier?
  509. What is ISO earth & Auto/On?
  510. What is minimum voltage?
  511. What is the bandwidth?
  512. What is the barrel size of iFi products?
  513. What is the Bluetooth latency for the xDSD or xCan?
  514. What is the characteristic impedance?
  515. What is the consumption during usage?
  516. What is the DAC chip used in the xCan?
  517. What is the difference between Pro and Hi-Fi? (Output mode)
  518. What is the digital reference calibrated at?
  519. What is the frequency bandwidth of the iDSD Micro?
  520. What is the frequency range of the iDSD Nano?
  521. What is the iEMatch?
  522. What is the latency?
  523. What is the measurement of the jitter?
  524. What is the Ohms?
  525. What is the output impedance of the headphone outs?
  526. What is the rise-out time?
  527. What is the total harmonic distortion?
  528. What Ohm is the BNC connectors?
  529. What Ohms can it drive?
  530. What output mode does it support?
  531. What type of battery is inside the Hip Dac?
  532. What USB cable / port do I use to charge the device?
  533. What voltage can it handle via RCA from my DAC?
  534. What would happen if I use headphones with lower ohms than 16?
  535. Where can I find a one stop shop for USB information?
  536. Where is the serial number located?
  537. Which Bluetooth version is it?
  538. Which cable do I use / need?
  539. White cable - What is it for?
  540. White cable - What is its purpose?
  541. White LED when connecting to Mac?
  542. Why did iFi select -12dB and -24dB?
  543. Why does it not work with a few DAC's?
  544. Why does it not work with some DAC's?
  545. Why does my other DAC work with all Androids but not the iFi?
  546. Why doesn't it fit?!
  547. Why is AC present on RCA outputs even if nothing is connected?
  548. Why is it best to keep battery around 80%?
  549. Why is my external manufacturer cable denied?
  550. Why merge optical and coaxial inputs?
  551. Why must we use an official Apple cable?
  552. Why not make an Apple OTG cable?
  553. Why use a USB3.0 connection even though the device operates on USB 2.0?
  554. Wi-Fi drop outs?
  555. Will 4-pin 3.5mm TRRS connectors work?
  556. Will it affect local network based on power-line?
  557. Will it work to power the Raspberry Pi?
  558. Will it work with 21 ohm output device?
  559. Will the iPurifier 3 work with other USB data transfer devices?
  560. Will there be any delays introduced with the SPDIF iPurifier?
  561. Will this work with Laserdisk RF demodulator output?
  562. Windows - Code 10
  563. Windows - Driver version 2.26
  564. Windows - Driver version 3.20
  565. Wire gauge, what is it?
  566. XBass - Comparison to iCan Micro SE levels?
  567. XBass - Frequency boost
  568. XBass - I can not hear the effect?
  569. XBass - I hear a pop?
  570. XLR - Are they lockable?
  571. XLR - What is the pin out?
  572. XMOS processor

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