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Is the iEMatch built into the xCan?

Question: Is the iEMatch built into the xCan?

Answer: No, it uses the same technology as the xDSD. It has lower noise on the 3.5mm SE out than earlier iFi devices.

Further question: But I can hear some white noise of xCan with any IEMs?

Answer: It depends on the IEM, specifically the sensitivity and also the volume setting. As the xCan has up to 18dB gain with the volume turned up all the way this would produce a lot of noise when using sensitive IEM's.

Further question: I think 2.5 balanced is noisier than 3.5 unbalanced.

Answer: Balanced circuits involve two amplifier circuits instead of one. This allows double the output voltage and up to four times the power of single ended connections but also produces twice the noise.

With a given IEM or Headphone the balanced connection will thus have double the noise.

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