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Input impedance - Balanced & Single-ended

Question: Can you comment on the input impedance of both the balanced and single-ended inputs of the iCan Pro?

Answer: We design always for output impedances as low as practical and input impedances as high as practical and for all our products they are of a value so as to be compatible with all mainstream and sensibly designed sources/headphones.

Where sources/headphones are "difficult" numbers rarely tell enough to conclude reliably that the result will work or not, it has to be tried in practice.

Long Version

All our devices are > 10K input impedance and typically
Where iEMatch is fitted (including the 3.5mm Jacks on the iCan Pro) the output impedance can be as high as 4 Ohm (depending on the precise implementation) but is typically lower.

In practice this means neither input impedance nor output impedance are of magnitudes that present problems with properly designed equipment.

Where equipment/headphones are "unusual" designs (e.g. super low impedance IEM's with severe impedance swings or tube sources with extremely high output impedance) the combination needs to be tried out to see if the result works well, the numbers, regardless of what they are, do not allow one to reliably conclude the combination will work or not.

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