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MQA - 192KHz files are not playing?

Question: On TIDAL I play an MQA 192KHz file but it displays another sampling rate?

Answer: Typicall those albums are encoded as 48kHz MQA file. Meaning Tidal will perform the decoding to a 96kHz audio stream with the MQA renderer handling the further decoding which this has nothing to do with our products, this is how MQA & Tidal works.

To test that the actual audio stream in TIDAL is 48KHz please select "MQA passthrough", it is 96k if TIDAL decodes MQA, it is 48k on MQA pass-through.

Question: But I thought the file was 192KHz remastered?

Answer: Yes, meaning it was MQA encoded from a 192KHz remaster.

Our MQA implementation handles up to 384KHz MQA sources correctly according to MQA specifications.

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