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Galvanic isolation - Is it the same as in iGalvanic3.0 Nano?

Question: How is the USB galvanic isolation done on the iDSD Pro and is it the same as iGalvanic3.0 Nano (trickle down perhaps)?

Answer: No, in the iDSD Pro we operate it very differently.

We use a suitable isolation barrier between the digital (noisy) section with XMOS, WiFi/Networking and the Chrysopeia and the DAC's / Reclocking / Clock.

In essence, all noisy digital processing is confined to a blocked off "island" on its own board and isolated from all audio circuitry.

This parallels the way in which for example the JVC K2 system is implemented for playback and the isolation of the DAC from digital noise found in the Legendary Marantz CD/DA-12 system featuring the TDA1541.

All this is essentially trickle-down from the DP-777.

The iGalvanic3.0 Nano isolates the USB connection instead, so it is a less complete solution, as it cannot isolate noise inside the DAC itself.

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