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MQA - LED is not corresponding to MQA?

Question: I have the MQA firmware for the iDSD Nano BL but the LED is not changing?


Please try the following as it may be just a glitch.

  1. Connect the iDSD Nano BL first and switch it on.
  2. Start the TIDAL application.
  3. Set to Master.
  4. Select the iDSD (speakers iFi) as the sound output.
  5. Go to the gear icon next to iFi.
  6. Select Use Exclusive mode and disable 'Passthrough'.
  7. Play MQA file, the LED should change if not and it stays white recheck the sound output as it may have swapped to 'system default'. If it has then reselect iFi.
Yes, MQA passthrough must be DISABLED to allow MQA to work (decoder vs. renderer).

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