Frequently Asked Questions

Own power hungry headphones? Please read this.

We are going to provide an example by using the AKG K1000.

This is extremely difficult to drive without applying sound corrections.

If using XBass at 40Hz setting, that means 40Hz (where for example E-Bass and Piano notes are strongest) 12dB (or 16 times the power) is needed for the 40Hz and below frequency band compared to the midrange around 1kHz and compared to the 40Hz and below frequency band without X-Bass.

The 3D matrix also consumes extra power at low frequencies. So combining maximum XBass & 3D settings means the overall loudness must be reduced to ensure the amplifier is not overloaded.

If you see a red light it means exactly that. The iCan Pro amplifier is being overloaded and the solution for this is to use less extreme settings for 3D and XBass.

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