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Is it possible to charge & play at the same time?
Question: Does the battery charge when I'm both using power from the computer and playing at the same time?

Answer: Yes, but its a matter of input vs. output. If you are using Turbo mode then it will take from the USB and battery to supply the headphone but if in ECO mode it will run OK as the USB is able to charge the battery enough.

Question: If I've selected the battery to power the device, and if I hook up a USB hub or the iUSBPower Micro / iUSB3.0 will they still charge the battery?

Answer: Yes until it reaches full power, but see above, its a matter of input vs. output.

Additional question: I understand that if using the USB hub or iUSB3.0 / iUSBPower Micro with no battery powering that you'll benefit from the clean mains. However, if I'm using the battery and connect the iUSBPower / iUSB3.0 / USB hub then you don't get the benefit?

Answer: Correct on both items however with the iUSB3.0 in the chain you gain the REclock, REgenerate, REbalance features on the data line.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 6 2017 2:26pm

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