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iPurifier 2 & iUSBPower Micro same as the iUSB3.0?

Question: I thought the iUSB 3.0 could do everything the iPurifier 2 can do, is this not the case?

That is correct. The iUSB 3.0 can do everything the iPurifier 2 + iUSBPower Micro combination can do and then some.

The iPurifier 2 + iUSBPower Micro set up correctly, delivers a major proportion of the improvement from the iUSB 3.0.

If you have the original, we recommend that you only try the iPurifier2 first with the existing iUSBPower Micro.

Don’t upgrade to the iUSB3.0 (unless you need two sets of ports and any other additional functionality).

For anyone with an existing iUSBPower Micro adding an iPurifier 2 is a cost-effective way to get a substantial performance upgrade while retaining existing equipment.

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