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iDSD Micro drains my smart devices battery when paired?
If put into battery mode (turn on iDSD micro before connecting the USB cable) the iDSD micro will never draw power from the host if playing music.

However it must be noted that music playback, especially HD via USB will make a Phone/Pad work quite hard, relatively speaking so battery life will be shortened.

The iDSD will attempt to draw charge if it goes into sleep mode however this can be disabled with our firmware as during this it determines if either the host is a low power device (Smartphone, most Pad's) were it will not charge or if it finds a strong power source (500mA) it will the treat the source as computer and attempt to draw charge while no music playing. You can tell this is case because the LED will be steady Blue (charging), rather than blinking green (sleep).

 Last updated Thu, Jul 6 2017 2:26pm

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