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Charging - How to 'jump start'
If the iDSD Micro is blinking then that means its in a critical state.

To restore this try the following;

A) Use a USB charger rated at minimum 5v/1A, max 5v/2.5A (high powered)

B) Connect it to the provided USB 3.0 cable.

C) Turn off the iDSD Micro and connect up the cables.

D) Leave it on charge for 1-2 hours as this is similar to a car jump start - (from critical - no power, to healthy - able to charge).

E) Return and unplug the USB connector at the iDSD Micro's port for 10 seconds and re-insert.

F) Do steps D, E for 2 times - the LED should remain a solid blue colour

G) If no success, please open a ticket -

 Last updated Thu, Jul 6 2017 2:26pm

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