Pro --- iCAN

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Crosstalk - I hear this?  
  2. DC iPurifier, shall I use it with the iCan Pro?  
  3. Does balance connection contain ground/earth?  
  4. Does Solid State circuitry use Tube-state circuitry design?  
  5. Electric shocks when touching unit?  
  6. Green LED then turns red / amber during transition?  
  7. Headphone - One channel seems down?  
  8. How long for burn-in period?  
  9. iCan (SE & Pro) - Anything in common with parts used?  
  10. Input impedance - Balanced & Single-ended  
  11. Is it possible to power two headphones independently?  
  12. Is it recommended to leave it on all the time?  
  13. My unit shut down (logo turns red) - why is this?  
  14. My unit trips up due to high settings?  
  15. Output impedance - Balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs  
  16. Output impedance - Balanced ouput (pre-amp)?  
  17. Own power hungry headphones? Please read this.  
  18. Passive speakers, is it possible to drive them from the unit?  
  19. Playing vinyl makes the unit shut down?  
  20. Pre-amp - No sound if switching from Tube to Tube+ mode  
  21. Red LED during transition from Solid-state to Tube-state  
  22. Remote control - Can I use any remote?  
  23. Remote control - Handles the volume level on RCAs/XLRs?  
  24. Remote control - What battery is inside it?  
  25. Sub-woofer, can I use one with it?  
  26. Tube - Can I change it to something else?  
  27. Tube - Will the Brightness differ?  
  28. Using balance control prior to affects 3D?  
  29. Using the Headphone & Pre-amplifier at the same time?  
  30. Volume - Is it balanced?  
  31. Volume - Why use Blue Alps instead of switching resistors?  
  32. What fuse is used?  
  33. What voltage can it handle via RCA from my DAC?  
  34. XBass - Comparison to iCan Micro SE levels?  
  35. XBass - I hear a pop?  
  36. XLR - Are they lockable?  
  37. XLR - What is the pin out?  

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