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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. DC iPurifier, shall I use it with the iCan Pro?  
  2. Does balance connection contain ground/earth?  
  3. Does Solid State circuitry use Tube-state circuitry design?  
  4. Electric shocks when touching unit?  
  5. Green LED then turns red / amber during transition?  
  6. Headphone - One channel seems down?  
  7. How long for burn-in period?  
  8. iCan (SE & Pro) - Anything in common with parts used?  
  9. Is it possible to power two headphones independently?  
  10. Is it recommended to leave it on all the time?  
  11. My unit shut down (logo turns red) - why is this?  
  12. My unit trips up due to high settings?  
  13. Output impedance - Balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs  
  14. Output impedance - Balanced ouput (pre-amp)?  
  15. Own power hungry headphones? Please read this.  
  16. Passive speakers, is it possible to drive them from the unit?  
  17. Playing vinyl makes the unit shut down?  
  18. Pre-amp - No sound if switching from Tube to Tube+ mode  
  19. Red LED during transition from Solid-state to Tube-state  
  20. Remote control - Can I use any remote?  
  21. Remote control - Handles the volume level on RCAs/XLRs?  
  22. Remote control - What battery is inside it?  
  23. Sub-woofer, can I use one with it?  
  24. Tube - Can I change it to something else?  
  25. Tube - Will the Brightness differ?  
  26. Using balance control prior to affects 3D?  
  27. Volume - Is it balanced?  
  28. Volume - Why use Blue Alps instead of switching resistors?  
  29. What fuse is used?  
  30. What voltage can it handle via RCA from my DAC?  
  31. XBass - Comparison to iCan Micro SE levels?  
  32. XBass - I hear a pop?  
  33. XLR - Are they lockable?  
  34. XLR - What is the pin out?  

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