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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1 second fade-in / miss on track - why is this?  
  2. 3D / XBass, automatic switching?  
  3. 5v charging, how flexible is it?  
  4. Battery - Charging not possible (battery circuit disconnect) but now it does after reconnecting?  
  5. Battery - How the battery works  
  6. Battery - In battery mode does the iDSD Micro charge?  
  7. Battery - Information on battery & charging (short & detailed)  
  8. Battery - Not charging, how to jump start and additional information (short & detailed)  
  9. Battery / USB power - How to select?  
  10. BC1.2 compliant  
  11. Black Label - So what are the upgrades?  
  12. Black Label - What is the XBass like compared to iCan Micro SE?  
  13. Block diagram - How does the iDSD Micro work?  
  14. Blue LED stays on but USB current drops?  
  15. Can the iDSD Micro do more than 2 channel?  
  16. Can the iDSD run indefinitely without needing to charge?  
  17. Car - Solution to re-charge the iDSD Micro?  
  18. Charging - How to 'jump start'  
  19. Charging - I'm encountering some problems from power supply or USB port?  
  20. Charging - Smartpower (side USB port) does not charge my smart device?  
  21. Charging - USB BC1.2  
  22. Charging - What is the rate and draw of the battery?  
  23. Charging - What LED's refer too and faster way to charge  
  24. Charging - What mode charges the battery?  
  25. D.A.P - Astell & Kern  
  26. D.A.P - Sony  
  27. Digital volume - Should I set it to 100% or use it?  
  28. Does engaging the headphones mute RCA out?  
  29. Does the iDSD Micro deploy your tube-state amplifier circuitry?  
  30. DSD - DSD512 how is it sent?  
  31. Filters - Possible to shed more light?  
  32. Having problem with my Apple Airport Express?  
  33. I have the Gemini / Mercury cable, how do I hook it up to the iDSD Micro?  
  34. iDSD Micro drains my smart devices battery when paired?  
  35. Impedance - iEMatch  
  36. Impedance - Pre-amp & Direct mode  
  37. Inputs and outputs work at all times?  
  38. Is charging 24 hours required after purchasing?  
  39. Is is possible to hook up an l2S digital device?  
  40. Is it possible to charge & play at the same time?  
  41. Is it possible to charge the iDSD Micro but have SPDIF input (no USB) only?  
  42. Is it possible to drive speakers from the iDSD Micro?  
  43. Is it possible to hook it up a non-powered USB port?  
  44. Is it possible to input Multi-DSD channels?  
  45. Is it possible to remain always on even when not in use?  
  46. Is the iDSD Micro a Class A amplifier?  
  47. Is the signal going through the DAC chip or a low pass filter?  
  48. Is there an optimal settings for headphones?  
  49. iSilencer - Usable on the Smart power Input?  
  50. iTube - Is it possible to 'loop' an iTube into an iDSD's 3.5mm from its RCA output?  
  51. LED - Flashing BLUE  
  52. LED - RED / GREEN whilst playing  
  53. Linux - OS, do we support it?  
  54. My unit gets warm/hot?  
  55. Ohms - With/without iEMatch engaged  
  56. One channel is down / not working?  
  57. Optical signal drops?  
  58. Pop - Present on DSD transition?  
  59. Pop - Present when switching on/off/awake from sleep on the iDSD Micro?  
  60. Possible to recommend better adapter? - Custom adapter or iPurifier 2 type A  
  61. Sleep mode - If left on sleep overnight (10 hours) how much battery is consumed?  
  62. Sleep mode - Is there any danger if it drifts multiple times through the day?  
  63. Sleep mode - When does it activate?  
  64. SPDIF - Can it handle DTS/Dolby digital via SPDIF out?  
  65. SPDIF - Is this re-clocked like the SPDIF iPurifier?  
  66. Sub-woofer - Is it possible to use on with this?  
  67. Unit runs hot then shuts down?  
  68. Voltage output - RCAs  
  69. Volume control - Channel imbalance? (short & detailed)  
  70. VRMS or Peak-Peak?  
  71. What is best - USB or Optical?  
  72. What is the frequency bandwidth of the iDSD Micro?  
  73. What USB cable / port do I use to charge the device?  
  74. XBass - I can not hear the effect?  

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